Indoor Simulator Golf


As Lead Product Designer on Indoor golf at TrackMan my two main tasks has been to Reimagine how to make a (SIM) game feel like it's not just a game, but a oppertunity to get a real experience on screen, and make you feel like you are watching yourself in PGA next to the starts on TV.

A TV broadcast like player info bar, showing who’s turn it is, what shot they are at, and the live updated course score.

Target distance and elevation, penalty info based on the lie. And in context a club suggestion based on lie, distance and penalty.

Managing and maintaining an advanced library consisting of dependable components, variants and templates that can be easily updated.

This being essential since in this case our Unity developers created a fully customized link between Unity UI builder and Figma API to directly import the UI I created into the game.


Design Lead

Concept, UX, refinement, delivery, maintenance

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